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Welcome to the Tipton County Museum booking site for the all-new Museum Escape Rooms! Various Escape room experiences will be offered throughout the year at the Tipton County Museum. Please review the description of each Escape Room to see the dates when they will be available and make your reservation date selections within that timeframe. This is two-step process… you will get an email providing a link to pay for your booking. Be sure to select the correct number of persons who will be playing (no more than 6 to a time slot) when paying. If none of this works, call the Museum at 476-0242 and we can take payment over the phone or make other arrangements. If booking is not paid for in advance within three days, your reservation will be released.

FANGTASTIC Escape Room (ages 7+)

Available Sept 26 – Oct 31, 2023

You’ve been invited to a Halloween Party but you find that the party is full of monsters… Are you an honored guest or on the menu? Solve the riddles to find the secret text to find out! But be sure to keep track of who’s who at the party… Name-dropping will get you everywhere!

ZOMBIE Escape Room (ages 7+)

Available Sept 26 – Oct 31, 2023

You’re the only ones left that can turn the tide against the coming terrors… Zombies have taken over the school! Scientists have been working non-stop in the school’s laboratory to find a cure but before they could share the formula, the power went out and a group of Zombies forced their way into the lab and bit the head researcher, Dr. Pepper! Now it’s up to you to gather the clues to recreate the formula and save the school!