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Welcome to the Tipton County Museum booking site for the all-new Museum Escape Rooms! Various Escape room experiences will be offered throughout the year at the Tipton County Museum. Please review the description of each Escape Room to see the dates when they will be available and make your reservation date selections within that timeframe. This is two-step process… you will get an email providing a link to pay for your booking. Be sure to select the correct number of persons who will be playing (no more than 8 to a time slot) when paying. If booking is not paid for in advance within three days, your reservation will be released.

EASTER Escape Room (ages 7+)

Available March 28 – April 30, 2023

Each year, the Easter Bunny leaves you a small gift
on your porch to reward you for good behavior.
This year though, something is different. Instead of the classic,
colorful eggs, the Easter Bunny left you a basket full
of golden eggs, with a small handwritten note. “Do you want
to join me for a small adventure? You’re always good
at egg hunts! Crack the egg and come on in!”
As soon as
you hit the shell, you get absorbed into a colorful
world full of beautiful flowers, cute bunnies and chocolate eggs.
Will you be able to solve the puzzles the Easter
Bunny set for you and get back home?

EXPEDITION Xscape Room (ages 11+)

Available June 1 – July 29, 2023

Professor Russell’s lifelong dream was to open a natural history
museum in his hometown, but his collection can’t be complete
without some specimens of Dragon Eye Rubies. Can you
help Professor Russell find the rubies in an unforgettable
adventure through endless jungles, dark caves, and
turbulent rapids? It’s the last piece he needs for his collection!
Good luck!

HALLOWEEN Escape Room (ages 7+)

Available Sept 26 – Oct 31, 2023

Frightful spirits are haunting the empty streets. The scared children are
peeking through the closed blinds, waiting for them to leave, so they can Trick
or Treat as they used to. Once the clock passed midnight and it was too late
to go out anymore, so just as they were heading to their room, an envelope
fell from the mail slot in the door. “Trick or Treat?”. As they were rushing to
see what was inside, the rooms started to fill with tasty candies, giant
pumpkins and tangled spider webs. “Who’s ready to play a game? This year,
Halloween is inside all of us!” An envelope full of games, puzzles and fun
challenges opened up, waiting to be played by children from around the
world. Are you ready to go on a fun Halloween adventure like no other? You
are only three words away from finding out! Trick or Treat?


Available Sept 26 – Oct 31, 2023

Your head hurts terribly and you can’t remember where or who you are.
You open your eyes, but you’re blinded by the strong light.
As your sight adjusts, you notice the contour of an imposing
building with a rusty sign highly displayed. The Hotel of Lost Souls. You step
inside and head towards the reception, but no one greets you. There is only
one key left in the drawer, of Room 13, on the thirteenth floor. Are you
brave enough to explore o a new dimension of the mind?